Trekking name : <Introductory course ➂> Samutegan Winter trekking 
trekking dates : 3 nights and four days 
trekking area : the western 
trek starting point : Punakha 
trekking end point : Wandeyupodan 
highest altitude : 1,900m 
Minimum Altitude : 1,100m 
rooms optimal time : 3 to April-September-October 
Course point : A basic trekking of a short course from Punaka Rimka to Wandu Podan. The altitude is as low as 1,100-1,900 m, and you can walk with a light burden on the body because you walk in a warm place. The road passes through rhododendron and oak forests, several villages and the longest footbridge in Bhutan. Because of the mild climate, trekking is possible during the winter, but the best season is March to April and September to October.

Trekking schedule Starting point End point distance time Camp site (altitude)
First day Punakha 
12km 4 hours Rimka 
(1,980 m)
the 2nd day Rimuka 
14km 5 hours Chun Saka 
(1,550 m)
Third day Chunsaka 
13km 5 hours Sam Thegan 
(1,830 m)
4th day Samutegan 
15km 5 to 6 hours —–

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