Trekking name : <Intermediate Course ➅> Rodunra Trekking 
Trekking number of days : 7 nights 8 days 
trekking area : Central-Eastern 
trekking starting point : Bumthang 
trekking end point : Tashi Yangtze 
highest altitude : 4,160m 
Minimum Altitude : 2,250m 
rooms optimal time : April-May, October-November 
Course point : A trek that straddles the old road, which was once used as an important route for eastern trade before the road is paved, from central Bumtan to eastern Runche, Tashiyance and three provinces. It is a course. It is not used at present and walks the route used for trekking. It does not go up to very high altitudes, but there are many steep roads and steep slopes. It is a course to challenge in consideration of physical strength and experience. Why don’t you try walking while thinking of those who used to walk on this road. Trekking usually takes place from April to early May or early October to November. During the course, you can also finish at Runze’s Minji. In that case, it will be trekking for 5 days and 4 nights.

Trekking schedule Starting point End point distance time Camp site (altitude)
First day Starboard-Chorin 
(Ugyen Choling)
17km 5 to 6 hours Popei 
(3,680 m)
the 2nd day Popei 
Bae Mi 
20km 6 to 7 hours Pemi 
(2,950 m )
Third day Bae Mi 
Cain Lacan 
(Khaine Lakhang)
21 km 7-8 hours Cain ・ Lakan 
(2,010 m)
4th day Cain Lacan 
(Khaine Lakhang)
18km 6 to 7 hours Tammachu 
(1,720 m)
Day 5 Tammachu 
16km 4 to 5 hours Menji 
(1,830 m)
Day 6 Sake 
20km 5 to 6 hours Pemi 
(2,450 m)
7th day Pemi 
21 km 6 to 7 hours Taupan 
(2,450 m)
Day 8 Taupan 
Yantse (Trashi Yangtse)
24km 8 to 9 hours —–

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