Trekking name : <Advanced course ラ> Raya, Gasa, Trekking 
Days : 10 nights 11 days 
Trekking area : West 
Trekking start point : Paro 
trekking end point : Gasa 
Highest altitude : 5,000 m 
Minimum altitude : 2,250 m Conducting 
optimum time : 4- June-October-November 
course point : Starting from Shana Zampa in Paro, follow the same route as Chomorari I to Rinsi and head northward to Laya near the Chinese border in the north, then head south and the final point will be Gasa . Not only do you enjoy the view of Takamine Chomorari, you can see the magnificent Takamines such as Takamine Jitudake (6,800m) and Ganchen Ta (6,700m) along the way. In addition, animals such as rare animals Takin and sheep, waterfalls, alpine plants, hot springs, etc. enjoy a variety of trekking. The middle of the village, Raya, is located in the highlands near the border with China, and is home to a minority called Layappa. You can get in touch with the nomadic people’s unique life, which is completely different from the modernization atmosphere like Thimphu. At Gasa, south of Laya, you will be tired of trekking in a secret bath. The high altitude and steep slope make it one of the most difficult treks in Bhutan. The best time is April-June, mid September-mid November.

Trekking schedule Starting point End point distance time Camp site (altitude)
First day Shana Zanpa 
(Shana Zampa)
22km 7-8 hours Tantanka 
(3,610 m)
the 2nd day Tantanka 
Django Tan 
19 km 5 to 6 hours Django Tan 
Third day Stag at Jango Tang. Take a walk around the area and enjoy a short hike. 
Enjoy the magnificent views of the Jomomori and Jitutake.
—– —– Django Tan 
4th day Django Tan 
16km 6 to 7 hours Rinsi 
(3,800 m)
Day 5 Rinshi 
10km 5 to 6 hours Chebiza 
(3,880 m)
Day 6 Chebisa 
17km 6 to 7 hours Shomtang 
(4,220 m)
7th day Shomutan 
18km 6 to 7 hours Robrutan 
(4,160 m)
Day 8 Roburutan 
19 km 6 to 7 hours Limitan 
(4,140 m)
Day 9 Rimitan 
10km 4 to 5 hours Raya 
(3,840 m)
Day 10 Raya 
19 km 6 to 7 hours Koina 
(3,050 m)
Day 11 Koina 
14km 6 to 7 hours —–

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