Trekking name : <Medium course ➆> Melac, Sacten, Trekking 
Days : 5 days 6 days 
Trekking area : Eastern 
trekking starting point : Taschigan 
Trekking ending point : Taschigan 
Highest altitude : 4,100 m 
Minimum altitude : 1,500 m 
Running time : 3- May-September-November 
Course Point : A new trekking route in Bhutan is a trekking route where you can experience the unique culture and nature of Eastern Bhutan, which is unmatched by any other. The course is in an area protected as Sacten Wildlife Reserve. Trekking in the unspoiled area, you can feel the natural appearance of eastern Bhutan with all five senses. Melac and Sacten are also home to a nomadic people called “Brokpa”. The campsite is fully equipped with tent cabins, toilets and water supplies. You can get to Tashigan in eastern from Pali by domestic flight, or you can travel by land from Samdup Jongka in the southeast.

Trekking schedule Starting point End point distance time Camp site (altitude)
First day Charin 
4km 3 hours Damnonchu 
the 2nd day Damunonchu 
5km 5 hours Melac 
(3,349 m)
Third day Meracq 
Mixer Ten 
(Miksa Teng)
16km 5 hours Mixer Ten 
(3, 079 m)
4th day Mixer Ten 
(Miksa Teng)
Operation point 
14km 5 hours Sucten 
(2,950 m)
Day 5 Operation point 
17km 7 hours Jonka 
(1,859 m)
Day 6 Jong 
Fong Mei 
12km 5 hours —–

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