Trekking name : <Introductory course ➃> Gante Trekking 
Trekking number of days : two nights and three days 
trekking area : the western 
trek starting point : Pobujika 
trekking end point : Wandeyupodan 
highest altitude : 3,120m 
Minimum Altitude : 2,250m 
rooms optimal time : 3 to May , September-November 
course point : It is a course that the descending for the beginners to One Dupodan from Pobjika, which is said to be a symbolic village of GNH, continues. Along the way, go through the beautiful villages and temples and walk through the woods such as the lotus root and the rhododendron. Most of the sidewalks are gentle slopes and can be walked with beautiful views of Bhutan. You can trek through winter, but we recommend spring and autumn seasons with beautiful scenery.

Trekking schedule Starting point End point distance time Camp site (altitude)
First day Pobjikha 
The service 
15km 6 to 7 hours The service 
the 2nd day The service 
Chorten Karpo 16km 5 to 7 hours Chorten Carpo 
(3,300 m)
Third day Chorten Karpo Tike-Zam 
(Tikke Zam)
12km 4 to 5 hours —–

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