Trekking name : <Intermediate course ➂> Dukpas · Trekking 
Days : 5 nights 6 days 
Trekking area : West 
Trekking start point : Paro 
trekking end point : Thimphu 
Highest altitude : 4,200 m 
Minimum altitude : 2,400 m 
Conducting optimum time : March-June , September-November 
Course point : Starting from Paro, it is a course that climbs up to about 4,200 m and walks to Thimphu. The most popular spring and autumn trekking course for tourists is a course where approximately 1,200 travelers walk annually. Camp through the Blue Pine Forest, a beautiful clear lake, etc. In Thimphu, we also stop at Pajodin temple, which overlooks the city of Thimphu. As it is trekking for 4 to 5 hours a day, it is a course that can be done without difficulty. We introduce the course of 5 days and 6 days, but you can also increase the walking distance per day and shorten it to 3 days and 4 days.

Trekking schedule Starting point End point distance time Camp site (altitude)
First day Data Dzong 
(Ta Dzong)
Jiri Dzong 
(Jili Dzong)
7 km 4 to 5 hours Gili Dzong 
(3,480 m)
the 2nd day Jiri Dzong 
(Jili Dzong)
10km 4 to 5 hours Janthuraka 
(3,770 m)
Third day Janchulakha 
Jimilangzo lake 
(Jimelang Tsho)
11 km 4 hours Jimilanzo lake 
(3,870 m)
4th day Jimilangzo lake 
(Jimelang Tsho)
Tsho Lake
11 km 4 hours Lake Simcotatso 
(4,110 m)
Day 5 Simkotra 
Tsho Lake
10km 3 to 4 hours Pajodin 
(3,750 m)
Day 6 Pajodin 
4 to 5 km 3 hours —–

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