Trekking name : <Intermediate course チ ョ> Homerori trekking II 
Trekking days : 5 nights 6 days 
Trekking area : Western 
trekking start point : Paro 
trekking end point : Paro 
highest altitude : 5,000 m 
Min elevation : 2,850 m 
Conducting optimum time : 4 to 6 Mon-September-November 
Course point : The Morimori II Trekking will gradually increase altitude from 2,850m above sea level, and take 3 days for the route without a ridge, to 4,000m of the Jango Tan base camp, and then start on another route Return to Shana Zampa (on the way, you will pass Bongetera Pass at 4,890 m). It is also known as a choreographed loop trek. You can see various landscapes, flora and fauna. One of Bhutan’s most popular courses, the biggest attraction is the spectacular view of the 7,000 m high-topped foliage from Jangotang. The number of days spent camping is two nights less than that of Chomorari II, and it is possible to carry out a one week tour. After a day of stagnation at the Djangotan base camp, you can fully enjoy the majestic wilderness and then return to Paro for sightseeing in Paro and Thimphu.

Trekking schedule Starting point End point distance time Camp site (altitude)
First day Shana Zanpa 
(Shana Zampa)
22km 7-8 hours Tantanka 
(3,610 m)
the 2nd day Tantanka 
Django Tan 
19 km 5 to 6 hours Django Tan 
Third day Stag at Jango Tang. Take a walk around the area and enjoy a short hike. 
Enjoy the magnificent views of the Jomomori and Jitutake.
—– —– Django Tan 
4th day Django Tan 
Soi Yaktsa 
(Soi Yaktsa)
16km 6 to 7 hours Soi Yakuza 
(3,800 m)
Day 5 Soi Yaktsa 
(Soi Yaktsa)
(Thombu Shong)
11 km 4 to 5 hours Tonbu- 
Day 6 Tonbu-Deployment 
(Thombu Shong)
Shana Zanpa 
(Shana Zampa)
13km 4 to 5 hours —–

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