Trekking name : <Introductory course ➅> Bumthang Culture trekking 
trekking days : two nights and three days 
trekking area : Central 
trekking starting point : Bumthang 
trekking end point : Bumthang 
highest altitude : 3,120m 
Minimum Altitude : 1,200m 
rooms optimal time : 3-5 Mon, September-November 
Course point : At Bumtang, the center of religion, this is a course that walks along the river (Cham Kalchu) from the tombs. It is a 3-day trekking course where you can get in touch with the lives of people living in rural areas and learn more about Bumtan while stopping by several villages. This course is recommended for spring and fall.

Trekking schedule Starting point End point distance time Camp site (altitude)
First day Tokutu-Zanpa 
(Toktu Zampa)
Ngan Lacan 
(Ngang Lhakhang)
12km 4 to 5 hours Ngan Lakan 
(2,800 m)
the 2nd day Ngan Lacan 
(Ngang Lhakhang)
(Ugyen Choling)
19 km 7-8 hours Ugen Cholin 
(2,850 m)
Third day Starboard-Chorin 
(Ugyen Choling)
11 km 4 hours —–

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