Trekking Tour

In Bhutan, tourists walk as trekking on mountain roads that locals use to transport supplies. Walk along the mountain path with a horse of the appropriate number of customers. The course that you can take for 20 days or more, the type of course, and the way to enjoy are each from the course that can be casually added to the sightseeing from 2 days a night. Please choose a model plan that suits your skills and experience. The food made by Trekking Cocks eaten in the wilderness is one of the pleasures. Because trekking may be postponed depending on the weather, physical condition, etc., it is recommended that you have some spare time. Of course not only trekking, you can also enter sightseeing on the day before and after trekking. Here are some of the standard courses for trekking. For route situations, it may be possible to shorten the route and reduce the number of days. In addition, the optimum time of the event depends on the weather and weather of the year. Please check with us for details.