About Us

About Us

Who We Are

For over the years, our passion for Bhutan  has followed us in the creation of our tailor-made tours for groups, individuals. Professionalism cultivated over the years; we are always on the look out for authentic experiences where the traveller, a guest, is revealed all the flavors of Bhutan which entails selecting the best ingredients from suppliers who enjoy the pleasures of welcoming and providing quality. A team specialized in various services, is ready to create travels you are looking for, by providing all the necessary attention, from planning to assistance during the journey amidst the Excellencies of Bhutan. We are constantly in exploration of Bhutanese territory that is plentiful and always in search of the best experience.


is our main ingredient; love for hospitality which is closely followed in all stages, in turn leads us to offer better and improving services.


with 24/7, round the clock assistance; we are always ready to assist all requests and desires in any given situation.


With our genuine competency; we offer customers increasingly varied and personalized  itineraries. Just by telling us the sort of traveller you are, we are able to surprise you with our creativity.

Our Services

In the background of maximum reliability, professionalism and passion for hospitality we add on a special ingredient: the high quality of our proposals, creating the right mix of services to satisfy your customers. As, we from Bhutan Clover Holidays would like to give you the opportunity to offer an explosion of genuine emotions, in every corner of the country.

TAILOR-MADE TRAVELS: A Myriad of itineraries for clients from different walks of life offering a new charm every day.

PROGRAMMING: Step by step careful planning of the journey and a taste of the best travels that eliminates boredom.

THEMED TOURS: Food and wine trails , sports, the arts , cultural and historical , musical, religious and more.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Dinners in traditional farm house, treasure hunts, drives in 4wd suv cars, cooking classes at farm house, private visits etc. Business Travel enriched with exclusive entertainment, team building activities among which original ones.

What we do

Allow our quest for Excellency to dazzle even the most demanding customers who are in search of the most unique experience. From booking to transport, from our team of guides and assistants, from our selection of restaurants to the most interesting wineries, from our skip-the -line service found in the most notable website in Bhutan to exclusive visits where you least expect , from bike tours to outdoor activities among many other incredible activities, to unforgettable locations for special events, to team building activities that you will remember for years to come, our goal is always the same; to make your customers enjoy the Bhutanese excellence.

Food Passion

Food tastings in local places, local beer factories, local honey, 13 different types of arts(zorig Chusum), cheese factories; cooking classes, street food tours, shopping in the best shops, family dinner in the local houses, clover hunts and much more!


Hiking and outdoor activities with bike, kayaking, Rafting, 4 wheel drive, birding tours, mountain biking tours, trekking tours, photography tours, historical trams, helicopters, meditation tours & luxury camping etc.

Made In Bhutan

School of 13 different types of Art in Thimphu & Tashiyantse in east, from the best hand made weavers textiles and silk textile gifts,

The Flavours of Expertise

We are always in search of excellence, give us the opportunity to offer the best, as your satisfaction is ours.
For those who are passionate about our territory, we will mix all the right ingredients for a unique Bhutanese experience: just for you the best of Bhutan!

Why choose us?

We offer precision in service, assistance during trips are some of the best ingredients we hold in giving an unforgettable experience in Bhutan, the Beautiful Country.

We offer precision in service, assistance during trips are some of the best ingredients we hold in giving an unforgettable experience in Bhutan, the Beautiful Country.


 e-mail: bhutancloverholidays@gmail.com. www.bhutancloverholidays.com