Bhutan an primeval land between Tibet(china) to the north and India to the south is a country far cry from the modern world located in the heart of the mighty Himalayas, the country of not more than 700,000 people constitutes one of the most rugged surfaces of the earth. The country is still intact with its age old living culture and tradition that play an important part role in their daily lives. Bhutanese or locally called themselves as the Drukpas are mongoloid by race. Area: 38,394sq kms Religion: Buddhism Language: Dzongkha Currency: Nu Time: 6hrts ahead of GMT Government: constitutional...

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About Bhutan

Who We Are For over the years, our passion for Bhutan  has followed us in the creation of our tailor-made tours for groups, individuals. Professionalism cultivated over the years; we are always on the look out for authentic experiences where the traveller, a guest, is revealed all the flavors of Bhutan which entails selecting the best ingredients from suppliers who enjoy the pleasures of welcoming and providing quality. A team specialized in various services, is ready to create travels you are looking for, by providing all the necessary attention, from planning to assistance during the journey amidst the Excellencies of...

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